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2016 Film Schedule

The Festival Box Office is Open June 4th - June 19th.
Located in the Whalers Wharf, Ground level Oceanside.

June 4 to 10: 12pm to 4pm
June 11 to 14: 10am to 6pm
June 15 to 18: 10am to 10pm
June 19: 10am to 6pm

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Film Title/EventDate & TimeCategoryLocationPricePurchase Ticket
CAPTAIN FANTASTICWed Jun 15 06:30PMOPENING NIGHTTown Hall$20.00Purchase
STRAY, A Wed Jun 15 07:00PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
SUMMERTIMEWed Jun 15 07:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
QUEER SHORTS: MEN Wed Jun 15 07:30PMShortsArt House 2$15.00Purchase
NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN, A: ANG LEE DOUBLE FEATUREWed Jun 15 08:30PMSpecial ScreeningWellfleet Drive-In$15.00Purchase
SNEAK PREVIEW: THIRSTYWed Jun 15 09:00PMSpecial ScreeningArt House 1$15.00Purchase
SNEAK PREVIEW: THIRSTYWed Jun 15 09:30PMSpecial ScreeningArt House 2$15.00Purchase
UNCLE HOWARDWed Jun 15 09:30PMDocumentaryTown Hall$15.00Purchase
TICKLEDWed Jun 15 09:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
FIRST ANNUAL PIFF FISHING TOURNAMENTThu Jun 16 08:00AMSpecial EventsMacmillan Pier$150.00Purchase
PIFFtalks - THURSDAY - ILLEANA DOUGLASThu Jun 16 09:30AMPIFFtalksWOMR$25.00Purchase
OUR LITTLE SISTERThu Jun 16 11:30AMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
SHORTS ONEThu Jun 16 11:30AMShortsArt House 1$15.00Purchase
LONG WAY NORTHThu Jun 16 12:00PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
THE TRANS LISTThu Jun 16 12:00PMDocumentaryArt House 2$15.00Purchase
CAMERAPERSONThu Jun 16 12:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
UNLOCKING THE CAGEThu Jun 16 02:00PMDocumentaryArt House 1$15.00Purchase
GOOD WIFE, AThu Jun 16 02:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
MORRIS FROM AMERICAThu Jun 16 02:15PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
SUITEDThu Jun 16 02:30PMDocumentaryArt House 2$15.00Purchase
CLASS DIVIDEThu Jun 16 02:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
MILESThu Jun 16 04:30PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
AWOLThu Jun 16 04:30PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
GUYS NEXT DOOR, THEThu Jun 16 04:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
PETER AND THE FARMThu Jun 16 05:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
OBITThu Jun 16 05:00PMDocumentaryArt House 2$15.00Purchase
BLOOD STRIPEThu Jun 16 05:00PMOPENING NIGHT FILM & RECEPTIONWellfleet Preservation Hall$35.00Purchase
WELLFLEET OPENING NIGHT RECEPTIONThu Jun 16 05:00PMOPENING NIGHTChequessett Yacht & Country Club$25.00Purchase
SHORTS TWOThu Jun 16 07:00PMShortsArt House 1$15.00Purchase
BLOOD STRIPEThu Jun 16 07:00PMNarrativeWellfleet Preservation Hall$15.00Purchase
SONITAThu Jun 16 07:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
SAVER, THE Thu Jun 16 07:30PMNarrativeWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLEThu Jun 16 07:30PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
SPA NIGHTThu Jun 16 09:30PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
GOATThu Jun 16 09:30PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
WIENER-DOGThu Jun 16 09:30PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
OFF THE RAILSThu Jun 16 10:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
STRIKE A POSEThu Jun 16 10:00PMDocumentaryArt House 2$15.00Purchase
QUEER SHORTS: WOMEN Fri Jun 17 11:30AMShortsArt House 1$15.00Purchase
UNCLE HOWARDFri Jun 17 11:30AMDocumentaryTown Hall$15.00Purchase
DON'T BLINK - ROBERT FRANKFri Jun 17 11:30AMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
MUSIC OF STRANGERS: YO-YO MA AND THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE, THEFri Jun 17 12:00PMDocumentaryArt House 2$15.00Purchase
SONIC SEAFri Jun 17 12:00PMSpecial ScreeningWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
QUEER SHORTS: MEN Fri Jun 17 02:00PMShortsArt House 1$15.00Purchase
PEOPLE VS. FRITZ BAUER, THEFri Jun 17 02:00PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
SUMMERTIMEFri Jun 17 02:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
UNLOCKING THE CAGEFri Jun 17 02:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
POLITICAL ANIMALSFri Jun 17 02:30PMDocumentaryArt House 2$15.00Purchase
THE TRANS LISTFri Jun 17 04:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
LITTLE MENFri Jun 17 04:30PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
CHECK ITFri Jun 17 04:30PMDocumentaryArt House 1$15.00Purchase
JAMES WHITEFri Jun 17 05:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
INNOCENTS, THEFri Jun 17 05:00PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
INDIGNATIONFri Jun 17 07:00PMSPOTLIGHT - FRIDAY NIGHTTown Hall$15.00Purchase
OBITFri Jun 17 07:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
LAZY EYEFri Jun 17 07:00PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
SAVER, THE Fri Jun 17 07:00PMNarrativeWellfleet Preservation Hall$15.00Purchase
CLASS DIVIDEFri Jun 17 07:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
MORRIS FROM AMERICAFri Jun 17 07:45PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
BEING 17Fri Jun 17 09:30PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
OTHER PEOPLEFri Jun 17 09:30PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
AUTHOR: THE JT LEROY STORYFri Jun 17 09:30PMDocumentaryArt House 1$15.00Purchase
STRAY, A Fri Jun 17 10:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
MULTIPLE MANIACSFri Jun 17 10:00PMSpecial ScreeningArt House 2$15.00Purchase
PIFFtalks - SATURDAY - BOOKS to FILMSat Jun 18 09:30AMPIFFtalksProvincetown Theater$25.00Purchase
SUITEDSat Jun 18 11:30AMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
JEWEL'S CATCH ONESat Jun 18 11:30AMDocumentaryArt House 1$15.00Purchase
BROKEBACK MOUNTAINSat Jun 18 11:45AMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
SONIC SEASat Jun 18 12:00PMSpecial ScreeningWellfleet Preservation Hall$15.00Purchase
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLESat Jun 18 12:00PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
SAVER, THE Sat Jun 18 12:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
SONITASat Jun 18 02:00PMDocumentaryWellfleet Preservation Hall$15.00Purchase
BRILLO BOX (3¢ OFF)Sat Jun 18 02:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
BLOOD STRIPESat Jun 18 02:00PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
PETER AND THE FARMSat Jun 18 02:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
WIENER-DOGSat Jun 18 02:30PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
MUSIC OF STRANGERS: YO-YO MA AND THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE, THESat Jun 18 04:30PMDocumentaryWellfleet Preservation Hall$15.00Purchase
SHORTS ONESat Jun 18 04:30PMShortsArt House 1$15.00Purchase
CHECK ITSat Jun 18 04:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
LITTLE MENSat Jun 18 05:00PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
CONVERSATION WITH HONOREES: ANG LEE & CYNTHIA NIXONSat Jun 18 05:00PMSpecial EventsTown Hall$25.00Purchase
CAMERAPERSONSat Jun 18 05:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
AWOLSat Jun 18 07:00PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
TICKLEDSat Jun 18 07:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
OBITSat Jun 18 07:00PMDocumentaryWellfleet Preservation Hall$15.00Purchase
MILESSat Jun 18 07:30PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
GUYS NEXT DOOR, THESat Jun 18 07:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
SPA NIGHTSat Jun 18 09:30PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
GOATSat Jun 18 09:30PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
DON'T THINK TWICESat Jun 18 09:45PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
SHORTS TWOSat Jun 18 10:00PMShortsWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
BLOOD SIMPLESat Jun 18 10:00PMSpecial ScreeningArt House 2$15.00Purchase
PIFFtalks - SUNDAY - ART & VALUESun Jun 19 09:30AMPIFFtalksWOMR$25.00Purchase
OUR KIND OF TRAITORSun Jun 19 11:00AMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
LONG WAY NORTHSun Jun 19 11:30AMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
LAZY EYESun Jun 19 11:30AMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
INNOCENTS, THESun Jun 19 11:30AMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
OFF THE RAILSSun Jun 19 12:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
INDIGNATIONSun Jun 19 02:00PMNarrativeArt House 1$15.00Purchase
BRILLO BOX (3¢ OFF)Sun Jun 19 02:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
CAPTAIN FANTASTICSun Jun 19 02:00PMNarrativeTown Hall$15.00Purchase
AUTHOR: THE JT LEROY STORYSun Jun 19 02:30PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
OTHER PEOPLESun Jun 19 02:30PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
QUEER SHORTS: MEN Sun Jun 19 04:30PMShortsArt House 1$15.00Purchase
OUR LITTLE SISTERSun Jun 19 04:30PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
JEWEL'S CATCH ONESun Jun 19 04:45PMDocumentaryTown Hall$15.00Purchase
DON'T BLINK - ROBERT FRANKSun Jun 19 05:00PMDocumentaryWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase
JOHN WATERS PRESENTS: THE DEEP BLUE SEASun Jun 19 05:00PMSpecial ScreeningArt House 2$15.00Purchase
MUSIC OF STRANGERS: YO-YO MA AND THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE, THESun Jun 19 07:00PMDocumentaryArt House 1$15.00Purchase
GOOD WIFE, ASun Jun 19 07:00PMNarrativeWaters Edge 1$15.00Purchase
STRIKE A POSESun Jun 19 07:30PMCLOSING NIGHTTown Hall$20.00Purchase
BEING 17Sun Jun 19 07:30PMNarrativeArt House 2$15.00Purchase
QUEER SHORTS: WOMEN Sun Jun 19 07:30PMShortsWaters Edge 2$15.00Purchase

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